To the Jones Waldo Community:

After long and thoughtful consideration, the shareholders of Jones, Waldo, Holbrook & McDonough, P.C., recently determined to cease operations as a law firm effective June 30, 2022.  This decision was not made lightly. It was a decision made in consideration of the changing legal market and how we, as a group and individually, could best serve our clients’ interests and preserve our legacy.

 Jones Waldo traces its roots to 1875, when it was founded by Joseph Lafayette Rawlins in Salt Lake City, Utah. When Mr. Rawlins opened his law practice, we suspect he did not anticipate that his legacy would continue for as long as it has.  Nevertheless, over the course of 147 years, Jones Waldo has grown with our community developing deep roots, friendships, and client relationships. Jones Waldo persisted – in various forms – through multiple wars, economic booms and busts, social change, and even multiple pandemics.  And through all of these events that shaped our State and our community, we have been pleased to serve and contribute.

While Jones Waldo will not be providing legal services moving forward, we are proud of our contributions and look forward to a continued relationship with our community, our clients, and our colleagues as we move forward providing high quality legal services from different platforms.  If you have questions about how this development may impact you, please contact Jerome Romero at

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Jones Waldo in any way for your loyalty and friendship.  We all look forward to continuing our relationships in some form or another.
All our best,

Jones Waldo


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