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Randon W. Wilson honored as “Sugar Man of the Year – 2011”


Randon W. Wilson, a senior attorney at Jones Waldo, was honored on Thursday, May 17 in New York City, NY with the Dyer Memorial Award honoring “Sugar Man of the Year – 2011” for his 15-year dedication to strengthening and transforming the sugar industry through the creation of sugar beet growing and refining cooperatives. Wilson will be the 54th recipient of the award, and one of the only non-industry executives to be bestowed with this honor.

Wilson, who grew up on a farm in Idaho that harvested sugar beets, has long since been familiar with the industry. During his youth and undergraduate studies, Wilson worked in sugar production. He then went on to attend the University of Utah’s law school, and began practicing law for Jones Waldo in 1966.

In 1997, sugar beet growers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington who were looking for assistance with an acquisition engaged Wilson. His work organized nearly 1,000 growers into the Snake River Sugar Company that ultimately acquired Amalgamated Sugar Company and its four plants. That was the first of three major acquisitions Wilson facilitated that, in part, won him this recognition.

“During his nearly 46 years at the firm, Randon has been a pioneer and a leader in many agricultural industries,” said Keven Rowe, president of the Jones Waldo. “We are fortunate to have Randon as a colleague, a mentor, a contributor and a trailblazer at Jones Waldo.”

Wilson’s efforts have helped to organize and empower sugar cooperatives in the United States making Jones Waldo one of the most influential law firms in the sugar industry.