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A Message From the Jones Waldo Executive Committee

By June 4, 2020August 24th, 2021No Comments

A Message From the Jones Waldo Executive Committee

To our colleagues, friends, families, and clients:

Like everyone in Salt Lake, we at Jones Waldo have been watching the recent demonstrations in Utah stemming from the unjust and unnecessary death of George Floyd and so many before him.

We are proud of those members of our community who have protested peacefully, seeking change to assure equal treatment of everyone under the law.  We support their ongoing efforts, and we urge those around us to seek to understand better the need for action.

As attorneys, we are aware of the injustices and inequities that are inherent in our legal system and in our society in general.  No matter how much we value equality, our society has demonstrated inherent biases that must be confronted in order to reduce the disparate treatment of people of color. It is important to us that we support those who exercise their rights in the hope of recalibrating our culture and bringing awareness to an issue that should be addressed through fundamental change.

In thinking about recent events, we have struggled with how best to respond. So many things that we as a firm could do seem hollow, including making a statement of support such as this.  We are, however, committed to this support. We are committed to listening with openness and educating ourselves on the roots of the problems that must be now addressed. With this education and experience, we will be looking for further opportunities to participate, in the hope of true reform.  We don’t know yet exactly where this process will take us, but we invite you to join us on this journey.

All our best,

The Jones Waldo Executive Committee