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When: June 29, 2020 at 11:00 AM


Cost: Complimentary, a $25 donation to The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI) is suggested. Donate HERE

For many, recent events have laid bare the reality of racial injustice and inequality in the U.S. in ways that can feel painful or overwhelming.

Anti-racism provides a framework to understand and conceptualize racism and what can and must be done to create a more just world. This panel discussion will provide a brief introduction to anti-racism for the racially privileged and suggest ways to deepen understanding and translate awareness into action

Panel Moderator:

Dr. Jinna Lee,  is a licensed psychologist, educator, and consultant on diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and mental health for people of color. Since founding City Center Psychology, she has focused on diversity and inclusion around race for the community, including working with Ballet West.


Dr. David Parker, transformational culture consultant. Dr. Parker collaborates with corporate and nonprofit organizations to create and sustain communities defined by authentic inclusion.

Dr. Karen Tao, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Utah and host of Let’s Talk-how to talk to kids about race.” Karen’s research interests are focused on the reduction of disparities in the access, service, and quality of mental health and education for marginalized groups.

Dr. Chris Davids, psychology professor at Westminster College. Chris focuses on the values of multiculturalism, inclusion, and social justice in his clinical practice.

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About UCLI: The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to advance equity and inclusion in Utah’s legal profession. Comprised of Utah’s judges, attorneys, and affiliates from Utah’s legal, educational, business, and community sectors, UCLI is working to transform Utah’s legal institutions through programs and initiatives that support three primary pillars: improving the administration of justice and eliminating bias in the legal system; providing resources and training to enhance organizational inclusion within law firms and other legal organizations; and empowering Utah’s diverse and marginalized communities through legal education and service.


About City Center Psychology: City Center Psychology, PLLC, offers psychotherapy, training, and consultation in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. It utilizes Shared Decision Making, which combines science and research-based models with humanistic values to create a powerful and effective approach to change. In addition to working with individuals, it offers powerful, effective help to businesses and organizations, based on its practitioners’ expertise in psychology. Areas where it can help include: diversity and inclusion, sexual harassment training, whole health wellness, and trauma-sensitive workplaces.

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