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SALT LAKE CITY – Jones Waldo is proud to announce the appointment of Judge Adam Mow.

Adam Mow

Former attorney at Jones Waldo, as a Third District Court Judge. Judge Mow practiced law at Jones Waldo from 2011-2018.

“Adam is an extremely talented attorney, and we at Jones Waldo value his extensive background and experience,” said Keven Rowe, president of Jones Waldo. “His recent appointment as a Third District Court judge shows that his expertise is recognized state-wide.”

Mow received a Juris Doctor from the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah, and has been an attorney on the board of directors of Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough for seven years.

“I am grateful and deeply honored to be appointed as a court judge and to serve the people of Utah and the Third District Court,” Mow said. “I will be diligent in applying the law faithfully and fairly for the state of Utah.”

Mow joins the prestigious list of former Jones Waldo attorneys appointed to the bench including: Judge G. Rand Beacham, Judge William B. Bohling, Judge Ryan Harris, Justice Deno Himonas, Judge Barry G. Lawrence, Judge Michael Murphy, Justice John A. Pearce, Judge Randall N. Skanchy, Judge Larry A. Steele, Judge Andrew Stone and Judge John J. Walton.