Healthcare Law Practice

The healthcare industry has witnessed dramatic growth, with cost containment and access as primary concerns. The trends of developing primary care physician groups, shifting risk to healthcare providers, and integrating healthcare networks all dramatically affect the industry and create new financial and legal challenges. Jones Waldo understands and addresses these trends, helping our clients prepare themselves for the changes ahead. Our firm maintains a vigorous healthcare practice in the United States. Our healthcare clients range from a member of the nation’s largest healthcare insurance group, an internationally known corporate owner of hundreds of hospitals, an association of independent pharmacists, and a nationally known healthcare consulting firm, to local providers of healthcare services.

Healthcare Law Attorneys


Legal Services

  • Assisted and advised in the formation of physician and hospital organizations;
  • Represented hospital organizations in acquisitions and sales of hospitals;
  • Provided full spectrum legal compliance audit and program for community hospital and assisted living center;
  • Advised hospitals regarding environmental issues (waste disposal);
  • Prepared agreements for health and accident insurance carriers;
  • Advised hospitals regarding compliance with Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse laws;
  • Represented a national healthcare consultant on numerous issues.
  • Represented hospitals regarding antitrust issues;
  • Represented individual medical doctors and physician groups;
  • Advised and litigated hospital employment issues;
  • Represented medical clinics;
  • Prepared cooperative agreements between institutions;
  • Assisted in the acquisition and financing of complex medical equipment, expansion of facilities, establishment of birthing centers, and ambulatory care facilities;

Client Benefits

  • Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the issues surrounding healthcare reform on the local, regional, and national levels.
  • We have presented seminars regarding legal issues affecting the healthcare industry.Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of nursing law.
  • We offer an effective combination of healthcare experience and an extensive understanding of the industry issues.
  • We have years of pragmatic experience serving hospitals, hospital networks, medical professionals and insurance carriers. This provides a solid foundation for practical, not just academic, approaches to problems.

Related Audit and Compliance Experience

  • We have a significant amount of experience conducting audit and compliance programs in other fields for major clients.
  • We have provided labor and employment audit and compliance programs for a major national retailer with more than 220,000 employees.
  • We have conducted antitrust audit and compliance programs for a national company with retail sales in excess of $11 billion annually.
  • We have done antitrust compliance work for several corporate clients to include document review, executive and board training, employee training, customer interviews, and manual preparation.
  • We have performed legal audits of clients to include file correspondence review, employee manual review, corporate minutes review, and interviews with employees and customers.
  • We have experience providing environmental audit and compliance programs for a major corporation with dozens of sites nationwide.
  • We have conducted environmental site assessment and remediation studies for numerous clients in the Western United States.
  • The firm has provided many employment labor and audit and compliance program for various employers.