Commercial Leasing Practice

We represent a broad range of clients in lease negotiation and preparation, from large, publicly-traded national companies to local business owners, tailoring leases to meet our clients’ unique needs.  Our goal is to negotiate and prepare well-written leases to reduce the potential for disagreements or unexpected surprises after the lease is signed.  Due to our extensive experience negotiating leases in every state in America, as well as every province of Canada, we are able to anticipate the needs and issues facing landlords and tenants.  We strive to keep the often complex lease negotiations moving forward so that a lease can be signed as soon as possible, while still protecting our clients’ interests.

  • Issues particular to retail, office, warehouse, medical office, or industrial leasing, with attorneys sensitive to the bargaining power that a tenant anchoring a retail or office development brings to a transaction
  • Ground leases and subleases
  • Ancillary lease documents such as letters of intent, guaranties, subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements, estoppel certificates, and work letters

Commercial Leasing Attorneys